AMB Solutions is proud to present our client portfolio. If you have a moment, we welcome you to take a look at a few of the sites we have created and worked on with other designers and programmers over the years.
Coming Soon: Currently in Design, Redesign, or Programming in Progress
Debbie Wagner Therapist   Ken Dillingham & Associates        
Established Clients
  Scott Bloom Law Offices   Williams & Heim Wine   TMI Golf
Union Pack   Cygnet Theatre   DJExtreme  
ProSci   The Home Inspection Company   San Diego Succulent Design  
San Diego MPI   Bright Spot Games   Networx   Hanna's Murals
Westonhill   North Start Pacific Partners w/ Stacey Szabo   Aspirations School of Learning   OC Landscape
  Denver Wrestling   Babs Docucopy   Spirit of the Fourth San Diego
The Cole Companies   Bernier Enterprise   Leadership 4 Change   Mobile Music Plus DJ
Cotier Home Design Center   Deluxe Dog Concierge   Panda Express Intranet   On Seacoast Rental Property
Mo FIN   Moxie Hair Salon   Kentype Graphics   AFABI w/ IMCP
Info Dog   Clean Up Day   The Appraisal Company w/ Nate Rose   Beach Area Community Court
Darren McNeese w/ Aaron Willoughby   Rex Downing Real Estate   Pro Lingua Books   Merlin Web Hosting
SDSE - Stedman & Dyson Structural Engineers        
Websites that have shut down or changed design looks    
  Americas Solar Company   Stock Law San Diego   Life Works w/ Arita Vernon
Wealth Management   CFO Connect w/ Stacey Szabo   Baywood Real Estate   New Americans Museum
Discover Pacific Beach   San Diego Blenders   Kensington Central   In Design by Stacey Szabo
CicloSDias   Bike The Bay   Rutgers Club San Diego   SD Celebrates Israel
SDCBC - San Diego County Bicycle Coalition   PB Festival   Ron Oster Real Estate  
Neal Electric   Ascent Real Estate   Body & Soul Acupuncture   Henson Consulting Group
Jewell Entertainment   SD Coastkeeper Ocean Gala   Janus Executive Services   Doster
Your Aquatic Buddy   The Wine Pub in San Diego   San Diego Pride  
Project Swell   Different Strokes Swim Team   The Unity Center   Venice Angel Properties w/ Arita Vernon
Health Fraud California   J Pride w/ Designer Lisa DeMarco   Kiosko Communications   Progressive San Diego w/ Tommie Watson
SD Pride Volunteer   Safety Syringes Career Openings   Computer Air Filters   PQS Inc w/ Stacey Szabo
Great Golden Hill CDC   KTH Construction   Man-Gear Belt Buckles w/ Jill Johnson   Pacific Beach Holiday Parade
University Heights Community Association   Power Washing Specialists   JABA (Jews Against Boring Activities) w/ Darren  
Golf Text   Property 231 Ridge Road   Barbara Sells Arizona   California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV)
Ujdy Fjell Singer / Song Writer   Basculas International   Birthright San Diego   Sushi USA
Wendy Craig-Purcell Author   San Diego Wrestling     West Coast Executive Services

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